17(Esther) For Such a Time as This

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Intro.- Before I can preach to you I must tell you this beautiful story in full ( tell the story of Esther in story form)

To make a long story short God turned it around – several points jump out at me about this story;

1.     God's name is not mentioned in this book but the evidence of his presence and handiwork is everywhere. Point-when you can't see Him or figure Him out -HE IS STILL THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

2.     He's counting on us ( Ch. 4:14)

A.    Such a time as this. God never makes mistakes it is the providence of God that you are who you are and where you are! You are not an accident-even if mama and daddy didn't plan for you GOD DID !!!

1.     ( Ill.- Jeremiah -"Before I formed thee......")

2.     God has an ordained plan for our lives-

3.     But We Are  Not Robots.. We Have Choices To Make....

B.    "If you don't God will raise up another..."(Ch. 4:14a)

 1.    Saul/David

 2.    Gal. 6:2  vs. Gal. 6:5


She was called for such a time as this. I believe we are a generation called out for such a time as this and to be effective there are certain principles that Esther followed -

I.    She Respected The Counsel of Those Over Her in The Lord (Ch.2:20 )

A.    Heb. 13:17

B.    Hardest Human Thing is submission

C.    Most of Americas problem is an authority problem

Funneled in to the church (Bless God It's my way or the highway!!!)

D.    All authority is given by God Rom.13

Church Authority is for the watchfulness of our souls.

II.  She was troubled by the troubles of others (CH. 4:1-4)

A.    Self-less-ness

B.    Where are the burden bearers ?

III. She was willing to risk her life to achieve God's call (Ch. 4:16b)

A.    Are you playing it safe or are you sold out?

B.    Once heard about a man walking a tight rope across Niagra while pushing a wheel barrow, A crowd had gathered to cheer him on one man yelled you can make it I believe in you to which the man replied if you really do get in this wheel barrow! (We need some wheel barrow riding saints who do more than just say they believe but give of their lives for the gospel!)

IV. She depended on the weapon of fasting instead of her physical beauty to get the job done

A.    Fasting is the unused weapon in the Christian's arsenal

B.    Supernatural means.

C.    Jesus fasted often

Close- We too are facing an enemy who is out to destroy us.  But we have been called

out for such a time as this, We can aproach our king and win the victory.

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