19(Psalm 024) Who is This King of Glory

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A psalm of David. It is the final of three psalms extolling the Lord as one who suffers, one who shepherds, and here as one who is sovereign king.

1.   The Creator of Earth. (1-2)

A.    The earth is the Lord’s.

1.     We may think it is ours, that our possessions are ours, that we have made things by our hands.

2.     Some may think it evolved. (Philosophy mixed into science).

B.    Any formal praise of God in scripture includes praising Him as creator.

1.     Otherwise, he is less than almighty. He becomes a product of chance.

2.     His power is limitless, and not bound even by man’s intelligence.

2.   The Christ of God. (3-6)

A.    Children of Israel at Mt. Sinai: could not even touch the border of God’s mtn.

1.     Who then can hope to ascend the hill?

2.     Religions today who teach just that, that it is possible to be pure enough to ascend to heaven.

3.     There is only one – Christ. We praise His holiness, His purity, His virtue.

B.    Verse 6 – Selah, pause.

1.     Who is Jacob? Not the Jacob of Genesis, who had dirty hands, was a trickster.

2.     Did not use the name Israel (Prince of God). Why?

3.     He chooses to identify Himself with sinful people – Here is grace.

4.     “righteousness from God”.

3.   The King of Kings. (7-10)

A.    Picture of someone calling for the gates to be lifted for triumphal entry.

B.    The guard asks who is the reference meant to be.

C.    The answer: Lord of Hosts.

1.     Peter declared that He was eye-witness to His majesty on the mountain.

2.     Revelation 1:18-25 describes the appearance of Christ the King.

D.    The gates are in heaven, and Christ is worthy to enter. And He is King of Glory.

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