20(Proverbs 03,03-08) How God's Word Results in Long Life

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Proverbs 3:3-8

How God’s Word Results in Long Life

A.     You will find favor among men and with God. (3-4)

§  Not under judgment from God

§  Not in fear of judgment from men

§  Instead, your life can have peace (24-26)

B.     God gives direction to your life (5-6).

§  Ron mentioned these verses Sun night

§  See the correct way to go.

§  Makes it smooth – avoid pitfalls that come with self-conceit

C.     It brings health and strength

§  Departing from evil (practices, habits, associates)

§  Holy living is healthier living

§  Substance abuse creates so many health problems

§  Stress abuse creates problems

§  Laziness, gambling, foolishness all lead to starvation, poor health

We need to overcome our church-eze with which we say these things and communicate these promises in language people understand.

The people you meet are seeking for these things:

1.         Respect and peace

2.         Direction.

3.         Healthy living apart from fear.

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