23(Isaiah 56,03-08)Second Class Church Member

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Isaiah 56:3-8

Church member: 2nd Class

(v3)      We are to make an effort that no one feels they don’t belong.

A.    Foreigner

1.     Personal commitment to the Lord – “joined himself to the Lord”

2.     Feelings of an outsider.

B.    Eunich

1.     Perhaps marked by pagan ritual.

2.     Perhaps marked by life’s misfortune.

3.     Feelings that he can’t contribute.

(v4-5)  We are to give Honor.

A.    Grip on the covenant. (4)

1.     First, covenant comes from God. Promise of salvation, security.

2.     Our “grip” is to dedicate ourselves to a life of obedience.

B.    A place with God.

1.     Not just outskirts of the house but “within the walls”.

2.     Right/privilege to an intimate communion with God.

C.    An honored name (5).

1.     More than just as a family.

2.     Everlasting name and position with God.

(v6-7)  We are to insure Acceptance.

A.    Grip on the covenant (6).

1.     Follows the Word as a way of life.

2.     Heart for service.

B.    A pleasure to be with God.

1.     Acceptance on God’s Holy Mountain.

2.     Acceptance that results in JOY.

3.     Acceptance of their service and sacrifice.

C.    Purpose for Acceptance.

1.     God’s house is to be open to ALL people.

2.     God’s house is to be shelter for prayer and worship.

3.     God’s house is not to be exclusionary (NT purging of temple).

(v8)      God’s will is to gather ALL people.

A.    Desires that all be saved (2 peter)

B.    Neither Jew/Greek, slave/free, male/female.

C.    Just as He extends hand to scattered Israel, we are to extend welcome to others.


1.             Smile.

2.             Speak to a visitor, a teenager, a child.

3.             Don’t rush off; plan your pre/post worship time better.

4.             Learn a new name.

5.             Get involved in Sunday School.

6.             Learn the people behind the prayer requests.

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