23(Isaiah 58,02-11)Curing the Habitual Church Attender

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I.    They have Dedicated Themselves: (2)

A.    To regular prayer.

B.    To rigorous Bible study.

C.    To rejoicing in worship.

II.  They have Denied Themselves: (3a)

A.    Pleasures of the body.

B.    Pleasures of the mind.

?    Why has God not honored their efforts? (3a)

III. They have not Demonstrated Love for Others (3b-5).

A.    Despite our outward motions, we don’t give up anything.

1.     We cause strife and debate, instead of humble submission (4)

2.     We bow up, instead of bowing down – that is the truth! (5)

B.    All our love for church means nothing if daily life doesn’t honor God. (5b)

1.     Monday is the proof of your worship on Sunday.

2.     And what this text emphasizes is that our action on Monday is the test of whether we really are intent on attacking the sin in our lives, and therefore whether our fasting and praying and worshipping on Sunday is authentic.

IV. What God Demands from us. (6-7)

A.    Mental fasting.

1.     Fast from sin that entangles us.

2.     Fast from carrying heavy burdens – and trust Him.

3.     Fast from oppressing those whom Christ has set free!

Galatians 5:1-2 Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.

B.    Physical fasting.

1.     Don’t just leave food in the fridge for the weekend – feed the hungry!

2.     Buy clothes for someone in need.

V.  What God Does for us. (8-9)

A.    Others will see Christ in you – not you, but Christ in you.

B.    God will support – hear, keep, guide, protect. (9-11).

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