26(Ezek 02,01-c03,15) I Sat Where They Sat

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“I Sat Where They Sat”

A guide when confrontation is needed

Ezekiel 2:1 -3:15

Some news is tough news, not well received, and not easily accepted.

A.     Know that you go in behalf of the King of glory. (2:1-2)

§  Don’t go because you’re trying to be a good person.

§  Don’t make statements the Lord does not make.

B.     The prophet must be resolute in such times. (2:3-5; 3:4-9)

§  They will not listen because their hearts are hardened.

§  They have been captive for five years but still they are not ready to listen.

C.     The prophet must not be scared by the resistance and opposition. (2:6-7)

§  Failure to convince is not an indicator of being led by the Lord.

§  Stubbornness may frustrate; but it should not.

D.     The prophet must live the message first. (2:8-3:3)

§  Their bitterness must not become the prophet’s bitterness.

§  The prophet must sit where they sit. (3:10-15)

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