26(Ezek 33) God's Judgements

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Ezekiel taken into captivity into Babylon. While jeremiah remained in Israel, Ezekiel was a prophet in the exile. 597BC.

The first 24 chapters of this book are about the coming destruction of Jerusalem. Both Jeremiah and Ezekiel fought against unbelief to try and lead Gods people to accept that Gods judgement was part of Gods plan for His people. Ezekiel declares in these chapters that the whole nation must suffer because of this sin. In chapter 9 we read that God sent His servant to mark off those who wept and mourned over the sin of the nation, and only they were spared the ultimate punishment. But even they had to suffer with the rest of the nation and endure exile. This warning of judgement continues until chapter 24 when the destruction of Jerusalem silences the prophet for 11 years.

Chapters 25-32 concern prophecies against nations that opposed Israel and foretold their judgment by God.

Beginning in chapter 33, we see Ezekiel’s ministry change to one of hope. Yet this hope begins with a difficult passage, chapter 33.

(Read chapter 33).

I.       God’s Watchman (7).

II.    God’s Judgment is Fair (12-20).

III. God’s Judgment is Far-Reaching (21-32)


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