BIBLICAL AUTHORITY-The Illumination of Scripture

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Sermon in a Sentence: God opens up our understanding of His Word so that we may know and love Him.

I. The Divine Purpose of Illumination

A. The OT- The Preparation for Christ

1. Promise-Gen. 3.15

2. Picture- Ex. 12

3. Person- Dan. 3.25

B. The Gospels- The Presentation of Christ

C. The Acts- The Proclamation of Christ

D. The Epistles- The Explanantion of Christ

E. The Revelation- The Consummation of Christ

II. The Divine Process of Illumination

A. We Understand the Word by Supplication (Psa. 119;18)

B. We Understand the Word by the Spirit (1 Cor. 2.9-14cp. 1 Jn. 2.20,27)

C. We Understand the Word by Study (1 Tim. 4.13-16)

D. We Understand the Word by Practicing Submission (Jn. 7.17)

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