Misusing and Abusing the Holy Spirit

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Misusing and Abusing the Holy Spirit (Acts 1; 5; 8)

The Holy Spirit changes and dwells within every believer. The normal relationship of the Christian is fullness of the Spirit. Believers have sometimes, however, tried to manipulate, deceive, or even buy the Spirit. May God grant to us a genuine and open relationship to the Spirit of God.

We May Attempt to Avoid the Holy Spirit with Our Own Plans—the Election of Matthias

Much looked right about the apostles's plan to elect a successor to Judas. Yet they avoided the leadership of the Spirit. Even though the initiation, interpretation, nomination, and election looked right, God was not in it. When we miss the Spirit's leadership, there is no direction, definiteness, or dependence in what we do. Do you subject the Spirit to your plans or your plans to the Spirit?

We May Attempt to Deceive the Holy Spirit for Our Own Reputation—Ananias and Sapphira

Ananias and his wife tried manipulation of the Spirit for their own reputation. Their act was deliberate, deceitful, demonic, and discretionary.

God presented a manifestation of judgment. God takes genuineness and transparency seriously, especially at times of beginning new work. There is great pressure for prominence, prestige, and visibility even in the church. We must never deceive others or the Spirit that we are more than we really are.

Some May Attempt to Buy What Only the Holy Spirit Can Do—Simon Magus

Simon thought that money could buy what only the Spirit of God could do. Although he made a personal profession of faith, he misunderstood the work of the Spirit. Nothing can substitute for what the Holy Spirit alone can do in your life.

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