God's Plan for Strategic Evangelism

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A Metropolitan Method for Evangelism (Acts 19:8-10)

What interests the average person on the streets of our city? Finance, commerce, politics, travel, athletics, religion. Exactly the same things interested the person on the streets of Ephesus. Paul had an evangelistic strategy that worked then and works now.

Witness with a bold clarity where people respond, then change strategies decisively when response stops.

I. Evangelize First Where Response Appears Most Likely (v. 8)

Paul witnessed first where response was likely, the Jewish synagogue. This was his custom and their request. We must find where people in our city are most responsive and go there first.

We must go with an habitual boldness for a sufficient time: "Paul spoke boldly for these three months."

We must make the message clear, not distort it or give "religious" entertainment: "arguing persuasively."

Application: Identity the people you know most likely to respond to witness.

II. Change Evangelistic Strategy Decisively and Creatively (v. 9)

Change to another strategy when the present one stops working.

When people grow hard

When public opposition develops Change strategy decisively: "Paul left them. He took the disciples with him."

Change strategy creatively: "[Paul] had discussions daily in the lecture hall of Tyrannus."

Application: Find a new way to share the gospel in your circle.

III. Expect to Confront the Entire Region with the Gospel (v. 10)

In two years, everyone dwelling in Roman Asia heard the word of the Lord. The gospel penetrated racially, geographically, economically, and vocationally.

We can find a strategy so that everyone at every level in our city hears the word of the Lord.

Application: Penetrate the different strata in your world with the gospel.

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