Walking in Oneness

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Walking in Oneness (Ephesians 4:1-3)

Jesus' final prayer begged God that believers be one, so that the world would believe His message (John 17:21). The effectiveness of Christian witness relates directly to the oneness of Christian unity. Paul's first item in the worthy Christian walk calls for unity among believers. Our congregation can make an impact on the city only to the extent we walk together in the bond of peace.

To walk in oneness requires disciplined attitudes and ceaseless activities to maintain unity.

I. To Walk in Oneness Requires Disciplined Attitudes (4:2)

Unity requires self-effacement—How I react in self-estimation

"Be completely humble."

Understand ourselves to be small because we are small.

Unity requires self-containment—How I act under provocation

Gentle—a Christlike spirit of meekness

Patient—a postponing of action or retaliation

II. To Walk in Oneness Requires Ceaseless Activities (4:2-3)

Unity requires a restraining activity—"bearing with one another"

The activity—"bearing with"

The actuality—"one another"

Unity requires a maintaining activity—"make every effort to keep the unity."

God creates the great reality—"unity."

Christians continue the great activity—"keep the unity."

This activity requires diligence to keep unity.

This activity requires vigilance to keep unity.


  1. Do your remarks, observations, and reactions enhance or undercut the unity of the fellowship?
  2. Do something definite to contribute to unity in the fellowship. Write a letter, make a call, or settle a difference.
  3. Make a solemn decision that if it does not unify or edify, you will not say it or do it.
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