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Press On! (Joshua 1)

The Book of Joshua begins with the word "and." This implies that it continues all that God had done in the previous five biblical books. God moves forward. He is always advancing and pressing on. If we are not personally and congregationally pressing on, we are not moving with God. What God told Joshua, He tells you: "Get ready." (1:2b, NIV). God presses on.

You can press on in spite of human circumstances and in light of God's word and promise.

I. Press On in Spite of Human Circumstances.

Human leadership and companionship changes and disappears: "Moses my servant is dead" (v. 2a, NIV). When they needed their great leader most, he was gone. Nevertheless, they pressed on.

Personal disappointment delays life's greatest dreams. Joshua was eighty-five years old when he assumed leadership. He had waited in frustration for forty years. Nevertheless, he pressed on.

Application: What human circumstances keep you from pressing forward with God's will for your life? Are they more difficult than those Joshua faced?

II. Press On in Light of Divine Promises.

Draw encouragement by God's past promises to those who pressed on: "I promised Moses" (v. 3), "I swore to their forefathers" (v. 6b).

Draw encouragement by God's present assurances to those who press on: "Be strong and courageous" (v. 6a).

He gives special, personal assurances at critical times.

He gives repeated assurances because of our repeated need.

III. Press On by Careful Obedience to God's Word.

To press on requires obedience to the whole of God's word.

To press on reveals a God who blesses with success those who keep His word.

Conclusion: You only possess what you claim. Israel never claimed what God had given them. Have you claimed the fullness of life God desires to give you?

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