Revival in the Temple of your Heart

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Revival in the Temple of Your Heart (2 Chronicles 29)

In the Old Testament God had a temple for His people. In the New Testament He has a people for His temple. Under Hezekiah a great revival took place at the temple in Jerusalem. A revival at the temple shook the nation for God. The young king gathered the people, purified the temple, and led the people in consecration to God.

The same principles can lead to personal spiritual renewal in your heart. You can experience revival in the temple of your heart.

I. Consider the Priority Revival Reveals

An experience of personal renewal for the nation and for himself became the passion of the young king (note vv. 3, 17, 20, 36).

Personal spiritual renewal must have first place or it will have no place.

II. Consider the Adversity Revival Reveals

The place of spiritual illumination was dark

The place of prayerful intercession was silent The place of sacrificial consecration was cold

III. Consider the Activity Revival Renews

Revival renews inward purification

Revival renews personal consecration

Revival renews spiritual exaltation.

The last verse emphasizes that all this happened suddenly. There is no reason why new spiritual life cannot begin now for you.

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