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God Our Refuge (Psalm 46)

Recent world crises would make anyone ask, "Is this a safe place to live anymore?" Yes, but only if God is your Refuge and Strength. The psalmist watched God deliver Jerusalem from a devastating crisis. God's help came at the last possible moment, but exactly the right time.

God gives His people refuge when they stand still and appropriate His inner resources.

I. God Gives Refuge When Life Comes Apart (46:1-3)

Sometimes everything does turn upside down (vv. 2-3).

Only God Elohim can undergird your life when that happens (v. 1).

God specializes in making Himself accessible in life's narrow, hard places (v. 1).

Remember, even the storms belong to Him as well as the calms (vv. 1-3).

II. God Gives Resources When Life Comes Apart (46:4-7)

As the noisy world threatens, the believer has a quiet inner resource (v. 4).

Man's power is loud; God's omnipotence is silent. God's help appears at precisely the right time (v. 4).

Not before you know that only He can help

Not after it is too late.

III. You Can Experience God's Refuge and Resource By Personal Decision (vv. 10-11)

This decision requires that you stop, cease, get quiet, and reflect (v. 10).

This decision gives you numberless spiritual resources (v. 11).

You cannot deserve this; you can only experience it (the God of Jacob: if He could help Jacob He can help you!).

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