God's Protection in a Dangerous World

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God's Protection in a Dangerous World (Psalm 91)

Any assessment of our world marks it as an increasingly dangerous place to live. What kind of certainty can characterize the life of believers? The psalmist confessed his faith that God does protect. Psalm 91 is an expansion of Paul's great cry, "If God is for us, who can be against us?" (Rom. 8:31).

God promises His sheltering protection from all kinds and times of danger until He fulfills His will in your life.

God Promises Sheltering, Covering Protection Based on His Very Nature

God provides protection comprehensively by many means. He protects by providing secret shelter (vv. 1-2), by covering with His wings (v. 4), and by angelic intervention (v. 11). God provides protection certainly because of His own nature. He is the God "Most High" so that danger cannot touch Him (v. 1), and He is "God Jehovah" so that danger cannot outlast Him (v. 2). Make personal your confession of faith in His protection as did the psalmist: "He is my God" (v. 2).

God Protects from All Kinds and All Times of Danger

God protects from all kinds of danger (vv. 3, 5, 6, 13): Secret, hidden, insidious dangers; open, manifest, obvious dangers; natural, threatening, powerful dangers; supernatural, overwhelming dangers.

God protects from all times of danger (vv. 5-6): Danger hidden under the darkness of night; danger obvious in the midst of days.

God protects from all circumstances of danger (vv. 7-8): When danger and judgment come to others, God preserves His faithful people.

You are invincible until your life's duty is done.

God Confirms His Protection by the Very Integrity of His Name

Our protection does not depend upon our own steadfastness, but God's intention to preserve the power and majesty of His name.

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