Majesty and Mercy

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Majesty and Mercy (Isaiah 40)

We worship a God of majesty who is also a God of mercy. On earth, we seldom find great power and great compassion together. Where there is majesty, there is seldom mercy. God revealed to Isaiah that at the same time He is majestic and kingly, He is also the God of personal mercy and renewal. When you worship the God of majesty, you also meet the God of mercy.

The God of all creation offers renewal to those who faithfully wait on His power.

I. The God of Majesty Confronts Us in His Power (40:12-17)

He reveals His power in the magnitude of His operations.

The oceans

The heavens

The mountains

He reveals His power in the massiveness of His intelligence.

He reveals His power in the might of His sovereignty over the nations.

He reveals His power in the measurements of His worship.

II. The God of Mercy Renews Us in His Compassion (40:28-31)

He gives His majestic power to fainting men and women.

The choicest and strongest among us will one day need that power. We will faint sometime in life's struggles.

Those that wait upon the Lord will find their weakness exchanged for His strength.

God will give to you strength adequate for your needs, not more or less. He does not chain eagles to the ground, nor does He make plodders fly higher than they can go.

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