A Future and a Hope with God

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A Future and a Hope with God (Jeremiah 32)

The confident believer can believe in the darkest times that there is a future and a hope with God. In apparently hopeless circumstances, Jeremiah affirmed a future and a hope with God. He shows us how to do the same thing.

The Believer Looks Realistically at the Future

The believer is not a dark pessimist, or a Pollyanna optimist, but a believing realist. The text gives great detail to show how hopeless things looked in 587 B.C., religiously, financially, internationally, nationally, and personally. The confident believer does not hope because he shuts his eyes to the way things really are.

The Believer Confidently Expects a Hopeful Future

In dark days, Jeremiah had a pious premonition that God was up to something hopeful. He listened for a word of hope from God. That word came in the midst of his everyday affairs. We learn how to express hope from Jeremiah.

We should express hope tangibly and sacrificially, obviously and memorably.

God Positively Confirms the Believer's Future

We have a definite, historical demonstration that Jeremiah's hope was well-founded. Seventy years after his words of hope in the midst of hopelessness, the people came back to the city. The walls, the temple, and the homes were rebuilt.

Our hope is also well-founded on the open and empty tomb of Christ.

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