Christ Our Substitute

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Isaiah 53


              Some argue that there is no way to know of Whom the prophet speaks.  Still others believe that Isaiah was describing not just one man but a host of men that would live and die in service to God.  I think you know what I believe.  Some find it amazing that this prophecy, written nearly 700 years before the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, should so accurately foretell the circumstances under which He would be born, live, and die.  As it turns out, the prophet was rightly concerned that no one would believe his report. 


I.                    Who Has Believed Our Report?


A.    Our report of the Gospel

1.      Jesus born of a virgin

2.      That He lived without sin

3.      He died that we might live

4.      He sits at the right hand of the Father

B.     The changes that have occurred in our lives as a result of knowing Him

1.      All our sins forgiven – past, present, and future

2.      Our desires transformed and our values changed

C.    Prophecies of the future

1.      Of tribulation and judgment

2.      Peace and hope for the redeemed and damnation for the lost


II.                 Why People Have Not Believed


A.    Satan’s bribes for unbelief

1.      Materialism and self interest

2.      Pleasure for the present

B.     Christ’s truth is not so pleasant to hear (vs.3)

1.      The Christian life subject to trial and testing

2.      Living for Jesus requires sacrifice


III.               Why Jesus Did What He Did


A.    Out of obedience to the Father

B.     Because no one else was able


Has the Gospel message lost its appeal?  I am convinced that Satan believes this to be the case.  The hearts of men are not so tender these days.  Neither Jesus nor the needs of the lost has changed. 

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