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CPE Internship Journal

Gerry Vuchetich

June 20, 2005

  • Rounds in HH 8200, 7200 and 7000.
  • Three referrals from nursing staff, Susan in Care Management Specialist (CMS) and social worker – Rooms 7262, 8256, 7080
  • One referral of my own from rounds when nurse recounted patient had been crying a lot on the previous day – Room 7022

Two issues from today’s visit

1.   PT asking me to leave 7080: A Physical Therapist came in during my visit with the patient (90-year old female with cracked ribs from a fall) and asked me to leave since she had to work with the patient. The patient’s nurse came in at the same time to push IV drugs and gently reinforced the PT request. I told the patient I would return the next day to finish our conversation.

2.   Failure in 7022: During rounds the nurse for 7022 said the patient had been crying a lot so I decided to visit. After introducing myself, the patient said, “What can you do for me?” I have never encountered this question and was not prepared for it. I told the patient I was there to listen if she wanted to talk about anything that she wants to discuss.  I also said I would be willing to pray with her if she wanted me to. The failure on my part was that I was uncomfortable with my reaction to her first question—I wanted to leave and chose not to delve into her “fear of being sick.” I prayed for her recovery and asked God to provide her peace for her fears—then I left. 

June 21, 2005

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