Me- Submit to Who?

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Me?  Submit to Who?

1 Peter 2:13-20

Conduct Pleasing to God

What is Commendable Conduct?

        We are to submit ourselves to:

            1.  Kings & governors               2.  Masters                                             

                   Good & evil                               Good & bad

Why Is It Commendable to do that?

        It is the will of God

        It silences the ignorance of foolish men

                        Testimony/God is glorified

It is a conduct governed by our relationship to our master

                        Rebellion  - what does that cause/produce

                        Resignation  - zaps personal/emotional energy

                        What does awareness of God do?

When is it commendable to submit?

Theirs  - authoritarian, emperors ruled.  Slavery  - how would Christianity survive s a movement?  Higher purpose

        Ours - slavery - our whole system was different than theirs

It’s OK to improve your station in life, but not in a way our desires/wants deafen the sound of Christian witness and Christian virtues.

        Free to choose to be orderly.

How is it to be done?

By actions and behaviors consistent with contracts made with our employers

        Being law-abiding

        By being good citizens

        By demonstrating excellent behavior

            Being industrious

            Having a solid work ethic

            being kind

            being loyal

            being dependable



1 Peter 2:21

        Higher Purpose

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