If You Sling Mud You May Lose Ground

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If You Sling Mud You May Lose Ground

1 Peter 3:8-12

To Sum It Up – we are to be…       (Now the end)

A Certain Kind of People

1.      Harmony      homophrones

 -  unity of disposition – not necessarily uniformity of opinion

-  aim – purpose

2.      Sympathetic     sumpatheis

-  Sharing fellow feelings

-  Readiness to enter in to another’s life

3.      Brotherly  (love as brothers)

-   where God is known as Father – there, and only there, real brotherhood exists

4.      Kindhearted  (compassionate)

-   good internal organs – deepest emotion

- moved with compassion

5.      Humble

- Genuine repentance – saving mercy

With A Certain Kind of Action     - Response to hostility

1.      Evil for evil

- Insult for insult  - taught and urged to live differently.  Break the cycle.

2.      Blessing

-  Life is not a playground of indulgence, but rather an area of redemption.

With a Certain Kind of Motivation

            Peter went to the Scripture

1.      It makes for a good life

-   Not length, but quality

2.      You can be sure it pleases God

-  Prov. 6  Those who persist in evil have God as their adversary.  He will wipe away their memory from the earth.


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