The Day the Spirit was Poured Out

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Acts 2:1-41

When Jesus came He told the world that everything would be different. When

the Holy Spirit was poured out at Pentecost the world began to be different.

Transformation began. There are four ways to think of Pentecost (according to

John Stott): the final act of the saving ministry of Jesus; the equipping of the

believers for their new role; inauguration of the new era of the Spirit; the first revival.

I. The Spirit Comes to Transform Humanity

A. The Spirit comes to “every nation” (the meaning of Pentecost). vs. 1

B. The Spirit comes with a demonstration of power (the signs of wind and fire).

vss. 2-3

C. The Spirit comes to draw humanity together (speaking in other languages);

Babel is reversed. vss. 4-13

II. The Spirit Comes to Transform Minds

A. Knowledge about the coming of the Spirit

1. The Spirit is “poured out”. vss.17-18

2. The Spirit produces signs and wonders. vss. 19-20

3. The Spirit saves those who call out to God. vs. 21

B. Knowledge about Jesus

1. Accredited through miracles, wonders & signs vs. 22

2. Put to death by wicked men according to the purposes of God vs. 23

3. Broken free from the grasp of death vs. 24

4. Exalted, Jesus has poured out the promised Holy Spirit. vss. 25-35

5. Jesus revealed as “Lord” and “Christ” vs. 36

III. The Spirit Comes to Transform Hearts

A. Transformation begins with torn hearts vs. 37

B. Transformation begins with “turning.” (vs. 38)

1. Turn to God “repent” 2. Join up “be baptized”

C. Transformation happens when we are released by the Spirit. vs. 38

1. Forgiveness of sin 2. The gift of the Spirit

D. Transformation happens when the Spirit begins a life-long work.

1. Regenerate 3. Unite

2. Indwell 4. Transform

E. Transformation happens for anyone. vs. 39

1. Those who are near 2. And those who are far

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