Purity in the Church

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Sermon text with italics and bold and John 3:16 and v. 20.

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      • Level 3

Matt 18:15-22

  • Model for discipline in the church given by Christ
    • Emphasis is on Restoration and Purtiy, not punishment
    • We are to personally forgive a brother in the same way God has forgiven us.

Titus 3:9-11

  • The context:
    • A call to submission to authority and humble kindness in Tit 3:1-2
    • Continues with Chist's sanctifying work from fleshly living to Spirit filled living, all accoring to "His Mercy". Tit 3:3-7
    • Exhortation to Good Deeds. Tit 3:8
  • Avoid thoose things that are "unprofitable and worthless" Tit 3:9
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