A Happy Or Unhappy New Year?

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Sermon in a sentence: God Himself shows us in this Psalm how to hae a happy or unhappy New Year.


"blessed" (Gen. 1.28;Jer. 5.25)

I. The Godly Shall Prosper in the New Year (v.1-3)

        • A. The Godly Prosper by Separation (v. 1)
                      • 1. Advice- Don't Walk in the Counsel of the Ungodly.
                      • 2. Actions- Don't Stand in the Way of Sinners.
                      • 3. Attitudes- Don't Sit in the Seat of the Scornful.
        • B. The Godly Prosper by Saturation (v. 2)
        • C. The Godly Prosper by Stability (v. 3)
                      • 1. The Fruit of Security
                      • 2. The Fruit of Satisfaction
                      • 3. The Fruit of Success

II. The Ungodly Shall Perish in the New Year (v.4-6)

              • A. The Ungodly Have no Satisfaction
              • B. The Ungodly Have no Security
              • C. The Ungodly Have no Success

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