Can we know whether God exists?

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Atheists – No, God does not exist

Agnostic – No, because no evidence

Theist – Yes, God does exist

How does one prove such?

     By turning to the Bible?

-      Circular Reasoning

-      Consider this regarding Islam:

~ Allah exists b/c Quran says He  


~ Quran is true b/c Allah exists

     By looking out at the world?

-      Bible teaches us this

~ Psalm 19:1-4

~ Romans 1:20

What is the evidence?


1.          Cosmological

a.            If the world exists and is contingent, then a necessary being exists.

b.          The world does exist and is contingent.

c.            Therefore, a necessary being exists.

Consider: God or Matter?

2.          Teleological

a.            If there is order and arrangement then there is design.

b.          There is order and arrangement.

c.            Therefore, there is a design.

d.          Hence, there is a designer.

Consider: The Universe,

                 The Human Body

3.          Morality

a.            If the moral code of an individual or society can be criticized as to real moral wrong, then there must be some objective standard other than the moral code.

b.          The moral code can be criticized as to real wrong.

c.            Therefore, there must be some objective standard.

Consider: The Nazis

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