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Journey of a Faith Walker

A six-part expository sermon series from Joshua.

by: Rick Ezell

Part 1: Get Up and Go
Purpose: To remind people that God expects his followers to act.
Big Idea: Moving forward in faith requires taking action.
Text: Joshua 1:1–5

Part 2: God Uses Ordinary People
Purpose: To remind believers that faith walkers do not have to be perfect people.
Big Idea: God delights in using flawed people to accomplish his plan.
Text: Joshua 2

Part 3: The Mark of Distinctiveness
Purpose: To remind believers that faith walkers must live holy lives.
Big Idea: God calls his people to live in holiness.
Text: Joshua 5:1–9

Part 4: Recall Notification
Purpose: To remind the hearer of the destructive nature of sin and the steps to overcoming it.
Big Idea: The devastating consequences of sin should motivate us to confess and live in forgiveness through Christ.
Text: Joshua 7

Part 5: Winning Life's Battles
Purpose: To remind faith walkers of God's strategy for victory against the enemy.
Big Idea: Believers must face life's inevitable battles God's way.
Text: Joshua 8:1–28

Part 6: Do You Believe in Miracles?
Purpose: To remind believers that only faith walkers see the real miracles of God.
Big Idea: It takes faith to recognize the wonders of our miracle-working God.
Text: Joshua 10:1–15

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