Theology of Baseball

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A Theology of Baseball
by Nancy Becker
Text: Romans 3:21-26
Topic: How baseball illustrates the gospel
Big Idea: Baseball demands perfection, but offers the grace of a second chance.
Keywords: Grace; Forgiveness; Perfection

Introduction: * Illustration: Becker grew up in a baseball family, and the addiction has been passed on to her.

  • Baseball dramatically represents some of life's most important lessons.

Baseball is about falling short of perfection. * Paul talked about the Law as a standard of perfection that is impossible to meet.

  • Baseball players are judged by, and cannot escape from, their statistics.
  • Baseball players are guaranteed to fail more often than they succeed.
    -Illustration: Mickey Mantle struck out 1,710 times in his career, and he is an all time great.
  • Life is like that: a hard, judging master of anyone who seeks to be good at it.

Baseball is about grace. * In baseball, a game with no clock, there is always time for redemption.
-Illustration: San Francisco Giant Bob Brenley made four errors in one inning, but also hit two home runs, including the game winner.

  • In life, grace means you always have another chance.
  • Paul made a lot of errors in his life, but Jesus found him and turned him around.
  • Jesus spent most of his time with people who had gone 0 for 4 in life.
  • With Christ, we will always have another chance.
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