Now I See Clearly

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Notes & Transcripts
  • Object: Pair of glasses
  • Lesson: When we are confused and don't see situations clearly we can trust God to open our eyes.

  • Nic got new glasses last week, so now both he and Alyssa can see clearly
  • That reminded me of a story of a young child named Emmet. Illustration Emmet Needs Glasses.
  • You may not have trouble with your eyesight but all of us have difficulty seeing and understanding things at times.
  • Bible story Lk 24:30-31
  • After Jesus had risen from the grave he appeared to all his disciples. One day he joined some of them walking down the road but they did not recognize him. Well this stranger went all the way to their house to join them for dinner and then when they sat down to eat this happens - Read passage.
  • They realized Jesus was alive and well.
  • Sometimes we don't see things clearly and we feel all confused. When that happens we need help understanding our lives more clearly. Jesus is with us to help us do that. So open your eyes and see this clearly - God love you and He wants you to realize He is always with you.
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