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 The Revelationof Jesus Christ

Friday Night

o   The Millennial Reign of Christ.  20:1-6

The imprisonment of Satan.

The reward of the Tribulation martyrs.

The blessedness of the First Resurrection.

The beginning of the 1000 year reign.


o   The Final Rebellion.  20:7-10

The Millennium kingdom ends with Satan being loosed for a season.

Satan deceives the multitudes and launches an attack at Jerusalem and God consumes them with fire.

Satan is cast into the lake of fire.



o   The Judgment of the Great White Throne.  20:11-15

Heaven and Earth is no more.

All of the dead from hell stand before God.

They are individually judged from the books.

They are cast into the lake of fire if their names are not in the Book of Life.


o   The New Heaven and the New Earth.  21:1-22:5

God creates a new heaven and a new earth.

The new earth has no seas.

The New Jerusalem descends from Heaven.

God now abides with mankind.

God removes all tears and sorrows.

The Description of the New Jerusalem.  21:9-27

The water of life and the removal of the curse.

o   The Final Appeal from God.  22:6-21

These sayings are faithful and true.

He is coming quickly.

The time is at hand.

He brings His reward with Him.

The invitation issued by the Spirit and the Bride to come to the water of life.

The warning of this book.

The prayer to come.

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