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 The Revelationof Jesus Christ

Monday Night

The Division of the Book of Revelation

Revelation 1:19 

§   the things which thou hast seen.

§   and the things which are.

§   and the things which shall be hereafter.

“The Things Which Thou Hast Seen”. 1:1-20

o    Prologue. 1:1-3

The Direction of Revelation


                                Jesus Christ



                                Us today


o    Salutation. 1:4-8


o    The Vision of the Glorified Christ. 1:9-18

John was exiled on the Isle of Patmos.


The Book of Revelation was given to John about 95-96 AD.


The Book of Revelation is direct to seven churches of Asia Minor.

o    The Command to Write. 1:19-20

Christ is seen to be standing among seven golden candlesticks, representing the seven churches.


Christ is seen holding seven stars, representing the seven messengers of the churches.


 “The Things Which Are”.  2:1-3:22

General pattern of the letters:







o    The Letter to the Church in Ephesus.  2:1-7

The church that lost its first love.


o    The Letter to the Church in Smyrna.  2:8-11

The church that was persecuted.

o    The Letter to the Church in Pergamos.  2:12-17

The church that was lax.


o    The Letter to the Church in Thyatira.  2:18-29

The church that was consumed with false doctrine.


o    The Letter to the Church in Sardis.  3:1-6

The church that was dead.


o    The Letter to the Church in Philadelphia.  3:7-13

The church that had an open door.


o    The Letter to the Church in Laodicea.  3z:14-22

The church that was lukewarm.


 “The Things which shall be Hereafter”.  4:1-22:21

o    The Vision of the Heavenly Throne Room.  4:1-11


The invitation is a pattern for the Rapture.


The four beasts appear to be angelic creatures.


The twenty four elders represent saints both of the Old and New Covenants.

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