The Pursuit toward Reconciliation

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Today’s Focus

When’s there division, the pursuit for reconciliation is necessary.
Outline of the Lesson:
I.  Words do matter.
A. In 25 Ways to Win with People, John C. Maxwell, a Christian motivational speaker, gives some sound advice in making people feel special. Here’s some of his advice:

i. Say something nice within the first 30 seconds.

ii. Encourage people’s dreams and visions.

iii. Compliment people in front of other people.

iv. Remember people’s names.

v. Remember a person’s story.
B. When we cause division by the use of words, the pursuit for reconciliation is necessary. Why is it necessary to pursue reconciliation with our brother and sisters in Christ?
C. First time to reconcile with someone is always the hardest, yet it gets easier every time.
II. Reconciliation is more important than service, and offerings.
A.  Why is it necessary for Christians to pursue reconciliation with their enemy?
B.  God’s first pursuit for reconciliation with His creation is in Genesis 3.21, (cf. Colossians 3.12).
III. Reconcile before it’s too late.
A. Why should there be urgency for reconciliation?
B. The longer there’s division, the harder it will be to reconcile.

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