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The word "husbandry" is the name of a connection. In its original sense, it is the name of the work of a domestic man, a man who has accepted a bondage to the household. Husbabandry connects the farm to the household. It is an art wedded to the art of housewifery. To husband is to use with care, to keep, to save, to make last, to conserve. Old usage tells us that ther is a husnadry also of the land., of the soil, of the domestic palsnt and animals - obviously because of the importanc of these things to the household. And there ihave been times, one of which is now, when some people have tried to practice a proper human husbandry of the nondomemstic creatures in recognition of the dependence of our households and and domestic practices that sustain life by connecting us conservingly to our places and our world; it is the art of keeping tied all the strands in the living network that sustains us.

Source: The Best American Spiritual Essays 2006 "Renewing Husbandry" by Wedell Herry p. 7-8

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