Pay-What-You-Can Christianity

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  1. When you get asked to join a board of some non-profit, you're not being asked because someone wants to bestow an honor on you.
    • The point of belonging to the board is to make a contribution to the well-being of the organization it oversees.
    • You're not being asked to be solely responsible for the whole organization, just what you can do.
  2. At the SAME Cafe (So All May Eat) in Denver, Colorado, the owner asks you to pay what you can.
    • Not a free lunch, but then again not a full-price lunch necessarily. You pay what you can afford.
    • Much the same as being on a board; you do what you can do.
  3. When you think about it, most of us are not Bill Gates in terms of our respective net worth.
    • So a homeless man going in SAME Cafe may only be able to afford a dollar for his meal.
    • Or a non-profit board member may only be able to sell tickets or organize a committee.
    • The point is to do what you can.
  4. What if Jesus asked us each to pay as if we had the same strength, insight, and ability as he does?
    • Clearly, none of us could do that.
    • We would be lost if that was expected. We'd be out on the street with no food. Or kicked off the board.

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