Sinful Youth Pastor

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Gallagher Tells the story about a youth pastor's problem with sexual sin.

TIM HAD BEEN THE YOUTH PASTOR of a thriving Baptist church for six years when allegations surfaced that he had been sexually involved with one of the high school girls in his youth group. When Pastor Thomas confronted him about such accusations, Tim admitted that they were true, and tearfully asked the church leadership for forgiveness. The pastor went on to question him further about other possible incidents with girls in the church. Tim sincerely denied that there were any other relationships. The church board accepted his apology at face value and decided that exposing Tim’s sin to the congregation was unnecessary. It was dismissed as temporary weakness in the face of temptation, and Tim was allowed to remain as the youth pastor.

Close to three years later more incidents began to come to light. Once again, the pastor confronted Tim with the information he had received. And again Tim (just as before) admitted only to that on which he was questioned. This time, Pastor Thomas asked him to resign his position. Upon his request, he was allowed to make a statement to the congregation at a church business meeting. Because the charming young minister painted such a wrenching, yet believable, picture of contrition, the church immediately voted to continue his salary as he went through a process of restoration and counseling. However, it was discovered later that even during this period of rehabilitation Tim continued having sexual encounters with other teen-age girls.

Source: Steve Gallagher, At The Altar Of Sexual Idolatry (Dry Ridge, KY: Pure Life Ministries, 2000, c1986). 57.

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