Feb 26 2006 meditation

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Darren McGavin has died at the age of 83


Don Knotts has died at the age of 81


·                   Someone once said that the more you look at the life of a man, the more you see he is just a man.

o   Three’s Company

o   The Love God

o   Pleasantville

o   One of the saddest things I ever saw was Don Knotts in Joplin sitting at a table signing autographs one after the other – he was just an old man.

o   The more you look at the life of a man, the more you come to see that he was just a man

·                   Well, except for Jesus.

o   In Luke 17 he appears as a wise teacher who knows the things of God

o   Lord of the mustard seed

o   Master over leprosy

o   Son of man who is coming back at a time when all will be just as it was in the days of Noah.

o   And he is much more as Luke paints the picture.

·                   The more you look at the life of Jesus, the more you come to realize he was not just a man.

·                   I challenge you this morning as we remember him together to take out your magnifying glass and look at this man. Dig up all the details you can.

·                   Don’t try that with Darrin McGavin or Don Knotts. Their memories may bring a smile to your face, but don’t dig too deeply or you will see with some disappointment that they were only men.

·                   We remember one who not only brings a smile to our faces as we remember him, but he stands up to scrutiny and promises to come back.

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