Book of Jonah

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Outline of the Lesson

I. Chapter 1: By the calling of God, he is supposed to go to Nineveh, and he runs away from God.

A. Nineveh is a wicked city.

B. There will always be a wicked city: example, the early days of Dodge City, Kansas.

II. Chapter 2: Jonah’s life in the whale.

A. Jonah and the Whale: 

B. Elements of Prayer

i. Prayer of Weeping

ii. Prayer of Reflection

iii. Prayer of Thanks            

iv. Prayer of Acknowledgment

v. Prayer of Repentance (?) Jonah has a wake up call by God, but it is possible that he never repented.

vi. Prayer of Remorse

III. Chapter 3: Jonah reluctantly goes to Nineveh.

IV. Chapter 4: Jonah’s discussion with God.

V. Clearly Jonah is a selfish man. How can we not be like Jonah?

A. We need to repent of our sins.

B. We need to listen to wake up calls from God. However, sometimes it is just time, and experiences when we finally see sins in ourselves: example, unless the person is a prodigy, people learn gradually in school.  

C. Have Christian friends point out our wrong.

D. Accept anybody. Love everyone no matter what. And we can love people while still being critical.  (see Blue Journal 140)

E. Even though we want to believe what we want to believe, we need to have an open ear to God’s scriptures.

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