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Sermon Notes

Topic/Theme: Submission/ Authority
Text: I Peter 2.13-18
Idea:   Within God's will, we need to be submissive to every authority in order that our life may show Jesus.
Purpose: Within God's will, we are respect and honor the authority’s laws and rules. We are honor them because it is a gift from God.
Other: Do word studies on submission, and authority. Read books on submission to authority. It's simple, but sticky topic. "God's Politics: Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn't Get It" by Jim Wallis

Sermon Outline

A. Today, it seems that people lack trust in authority.

i. The lack of trust in the government.

ii. Generation X lacks trust in authority.
B. God believes in authority.

i. God brought up judges because the people did evil in the eyes of the Lord. They saw what was fit for them. A judge was a preacher and prophet. They brought authority from God. Without authority there would be anarchy and chaos, and it is imperative that we are submissive to human authority         

II. Christians are to submit to authority.
A. Submission goes to every political authority - federal and local. The authorities can be the, President of the United States; even Bill Clinton, Governor o Kansas, Senator, House of Representatives, Republic, Democratic, and Liberal Parties, IRS, local mayor, local officers, and police.
B. Even though they were being persecuted by Nero, Peter tells his audience to submissive, because Peter is reminding them where their home is heaven (I Peter 1.3-4)
C. The comparison of the speed limit vs. abortion.
III. Submission goes to the boss.
A. There are parallel among the wicked slave owners and the wicked boss.

i. Positivism is good, even when work is horrendous.

ii. You can be a witness for Peter wanted the slaves to be witnesses to their wicked slave owners (cf. Philemon).
B. You are the boss.
C. You are self-employed.
IV. Application
A. Pray and respect those in authority.
B. Respect the elders.
C. Look at Christ's suffering as an example.               

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