Grow as a Christian

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Sermon Notes:

Topic/Theme: Christian Life
Further Questions: How can this sermon stay more focused on the text?
Other: This was my first sermon for school. I have some good brainstorming ideas, but I need to do some more editing and research.

Sermon Outline

I. Introduction
II. Background to Peter
A. Peter is writing, in general, to the Christians.

i.There was much persecution going on at the time. Nero put Rome under a fire, and blaming the Christians. He burnt his victims alive.
III. Peter's Instruction
A. We first have to rid ourselves from sin 2.1 (cf. Col. 3)
B. We are to have a desire for God (2.2)

i. New Christians are like new born babies crave pure spiritual milk.  

ii. Fresh food is better.

1. Fresh rice vs. Microwave Rice

2. Juicy Grilled steak vs. Cafeteria Food at School

iii. We are to come to him as fresh new piece of bread (Mr. Lane).

1. What happens to bread if it stays uncovered for a long time?
C. We need to discipline ourselves  (2.3)

i. We can continue to read the Bible.

ii. We can continue to pray to God

iii. We should sometimes listen to Bible; let it speak to us (Dr. Sackett).

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