We Are Given Hope

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Sermon Notes:

Idea: Since we are born again by the power of God, we have been given hope of the Parousia[1] even when we encounter many trials ‘on this side of heaven.’
Homiletical Idea: By our faith in Christ, we have the exciting promise at being home soon.
Audience: Laicos Church, North Andover, MA

Sermon Outline 

I.  Introduction
A. My experience at Flushing, New York City is ‘to say at the very least’ – different.
B. Transition: Like wise this is how Peter viewed his audience. He writes to them “[T]o God’s elect, strangers in this world” (NIV).
II. Body of the Sermon
A. We are strangers in a strange land (1.1-2). - Exegesis Synopsis: The Christians of Asian Minor are to receive grace and peace from Peter, who describes his audience as chosen by God and are living as aliens in their land.

i. Peter is acknowledging that his audience feels like strangers. They felt like foreigners in their own home land.

ii. We are strangers.

iii. Non-Christians even hope for some better place.
B. We need to get excited about Jesus because of God’s promise to us.[2]

i. Excitement is contagious.
C. We need to ‘keep the faith.’

i. Time passes and our new faith becomes more of us as the years go by, and we grow weary and tired from trying to keep our faith.

ii. When you meet a new Christian, they are the happiest person to meet.

iii. It is simply by experience and time; it becomes harder as years go by to keep the faith.

iv. But when we stay the course with our faith, our faith grows stronger.

v. We hold onto the promise.

I was a stranger in my own parent’s new house.

[1] Parousia – the end times.

[2]Exegesis Synopsis: Since the Asian Minor Christians are born again by power of God, via the resurrection of JC, they were given a new hope, where we will be made whole again when Christ returns.

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