Fall of Man 2

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Sermon Notes

Topic/Theme: Freedom of the Will, Before and After the Fall
Text: Genesis 2.8-9, 16, 25; 3:1-7a
Homiletical Idea: We have a choice.
Purpose:Show parallels in before and after the fall.
Further Questions: Since God knew we would fall, why would he still create us? There is the issue of being called by God. What about relationship between and God and man?
Other: See the Topic on Free Will  Genesis 2.16-17 Was it an unfair test? see Page 91  Hard Sayings of the Bible

Sermon Outline 

I. Introduction

A. Give examples of everyday choices.

B. Give examples of hard choice, and in the end we still have choice. In the end we still have choice.
II. The four aspects before the fall are as follows: freedom (2.16), boundaries (2.17), innocence, and temptation.
A. There was freedom
B. There Were Boundaries

i. They were not to eat of the tree of good and evil

ii. The consequence of eating the tree of knowledge of good and evil is death.
C. There was innocence.
D. There was Temptation

i. The serpent deceived her. There is truth and a lie in the serpent’s statement.

1. The lie is that she would be like God.

2. The truth is that she would know right from wrong

ii. Eve never had the desire to eat the apple until she was challenged by the serpent.
III. After the fall, excuses, pain, and confusion came into the world.
A. Excuses came into the world.
B. Man will sweat and toil after his work and woman will have labor pains.
C. Man has the inability to discern between good and evil-how can a man sinful creation do good?
IV. After the fall, we still have freedom, boundaries, temptation, and the hope to be made innocent again.

\\ A. The choice to follow God.
B. There are boundaries.

i. There is natural law.

ii. There is God’s law.

1. Obeying God’s law has positive consequences.

2. Disobey God law has negative consequences.
A. In Crime and Punishment, the man still had psychological consequences even though he wasn’t caught (?).
C. We are still tempted

i. Jesus understands us. In Hebrews 4:15, Christ was, "tempted in every way." Yet Christ never did sin.
D. We have the hope to be made innocent again.

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