God's Power!

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Diving in: Reading the Text:

Isaiah 40.12-31

Today’s Focus:

God is sovereign and will give us the strength needed to get through in life.


Outline of the Lesson

I. How can man be smarter than God?
A. (1710 - 1796) Thomas Reid’s Commonsense Philosophy - a creation determines how smart the creator is. 

i. The laws of nature are the rules to which the effects are produced; but there must be a cause which operates according to these rules. The rules of navigation never navigated a ship; the rules of architecture never built a house.

ii. Men are often led into error by the love of simplicity, which disposes us to reduce things to few principles, and to conceive a greater simplicity in nature than there really is.

iii. With that said, I would like to go on and ask these questions about our Supreme Creator – a.k.a. God. The three questions are as follows:

1. Who is able to comprehend God?

2. Who is able to consult or instruct God?

3. Who is able to be compared to God?  

II. Who is able to comprehend God? [Isaiah 40:13b]
A. According to Millard Erickson there are certain principles in understanding God's transcendence.

i. God can never be completely captured in human concept.

ii. There will always be a difference between men God.
B. Yet, we do have the mind of Christ: I Corinthians 2:16.  

III. Who is able to consult or instruct God? [Isaiah 40:13, 14]
A. Man is unable to understand all of God's creation.
B. Even God's creation is more powerful than man: e.g. natural disasters.
C. Sometimes man treats God like a puppy dog.

i. Karl Barth: Man is never able to make God his possession.              

IV. Who is able to be compared to God? [Isaiah 40: 18-20, 22, 25]
A. God cannot be compared to idols.
B. We are the size of grasshoppers to God's eye: e.g. a sky view to a city.
C. In God’s perspective, our life is like a snap of a finger. 

V.      Because God is sovereign, we can trust and put our hope in God. [Isaiah 40: 29-31] 

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