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Lesson Notes

Homiletical Idea:  By standing firm in faith, love will overflow and we will stand blameless before the Lord.
Other: I emphasized in reading the Bible and the need to discern between worldly infuences and biblical truth, examples were of how secular philosophy throught history has influenced Christians and culture, media, Oprah, Dr. Phil influence people, yet Christians need to stay focus on the Bible, I used the example of the American treasury focus on the original so they can know the counterfit.
I also explain the dangers of nominal  Christianity. As Christians a person needs to have faith and follow, thus a person will be blameless before the Lord. I need to also use the parable of the Sheep and the Goats.
Reflection on the Lesson: Originlly published at  Yedarm Church's Forum

"A couple of things that come to mind when teaching today's lesson. First, in order for Christians to stand strong in faith in a world that has many voices telling them how to live, i.e. philosophers, psychologist, media, and so forth, it's best to consistently read the Bible. If a Christian reads the Bible, then they will better know the voice of God, and will do well in persevering in their faith.

The second thought is about how faith, and loving deeds are basic essentials in Christianity (cf. James 2.14-26). If a person just acknowledges Jesus existence, yet is unwilling to follow, then it produces nothing. However, when a person is willing to step forward in acknowledging Jesus as the only way, and also bravely take the step forward in carrying the cross, they will be empowered by God to love others, and recieve the glorious privilege to stand blameless before the God. Just as we are saved by grace, we are to also to live out our faith."  

Lesson Outline

Today’s Focus

By standing firm in faith, love will overflow and we will stand blameless before the Lord.
I. We can persevere by standing firm in our faith. (I Thessalonians 3.7)

A. How can we persevere in our faith?

B. The parable of the house of sand verses the house of rock illustrates the importance of standing firm in the faith of Jesus. (Matthew 7.24-29)

II. The Lord empowers us the ability to overflow with Love. (I Thessalonians 3.12-13)

A. How can we persevere with Christian love?

III. If we stand firm in our faith, then the Lord empowers us with love, and we will stand blameless before the Lord. 

Sermon Format 

Sermon Notes:

Topic/Theme: Perseverance

Homiletical Idea: We are to persevere in our faith.

Other: Paul spent only 3-5 weeks, and  the Thessaloninas were new converts. Paul wanted to revisit to make sure if the seeds will continue to grow, however his prayer request was never answered. 

Sermon Outline

I. Introduction
A. Farmers need to persevere in order to produce food.
II. Body
A. Timothy’s Report

i. Paul had concern about the people because they were new converts.
B. Perseverance through the eyes of faith.

i. I will tell the parable of the house of sand, and the house of the rock.
C. Perseverance through the eyes of love.

i. “May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other and for everyone else, just as ours does for you” (3.12).
D. Perseverance by having strength so they will be blameless and holy before God.

i. May he strengthen your hearts so that you will be blameless and holy in the presence of our God and Father when our Lord Jesus comes with all his holy ones.
III. Conclusion

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