Church Unity is Possible

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Lesson Notes:

Exegetical Idea: Paul is telling the Philippian Christians that if they have received any encouragement in Christ, love from Christ, fellowship in the Spirit, compassion or mercy, then they will be able give Paul more joy, by being of the same mind, same love and same spirit, and to be humble toward one another.
Homiletical Idea: A relationship with Jesus Christ and having the ability to look beyond ourselves can produce unity.
Notes: I used the example in how American may criticize the president, but if he came to visit, they would be very respectful to him.How "The Apprentice" and big cities are cut throat, and are do not seek to consider others better then yourself. I also used the cartoon of the pirate and the evangelist.

I also noticed that competition motivates children, and it is difficult to teach them how to serve. I could also use my servanthood article.

Lesson Outline

Today’s Focus

Church unity is possible if have a relationship with Jesus and act like him.
I. Introduction
A. It seems that in all parts of the world, there are social barriers of some kind.
B. However, the church should be different. The church should be able to succeed in having unity among race, culture, and gender. I really do believe it’s actually possible. However there are two vital ingredients in order that a church can succeed with this type of diversity. The first ingredient is the most important. That is having a relationship with Jesus Christ. When we have a relationship with Jesus Christ, church unity is possible.
II. Body
A. When we have a relationship with Jesus Christ, church unity is possible. (What)

i. My experience at Laicos Church.
B. If we model ourselves after Jesus, church unity is possible.  (How)

i. My New England Rock has a Bible verse. It is about how Jesus claims to be a servant.

ii. It’s important to model after Jesus because Jesus is perfect and our Savior.
C. Church unity is important, so we can testify about the Gospel of Jesus. (Why)

i. We need to be a witness so people can believe.

ii. The biggest complaint is hypocrisy.

iii. Jesus prayed for it (John 17:21-23). 

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