Wed Child's Affirmation

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The Lord God…

          … and have our joy restored.

Today we are not simply joining two people in marriage. We are also bringing together three people—Sylvia, Van, and Estee—to form a new family. For the marriage to succeed, your family must also succeed. And so I ask you,

Sylvia and Van, in your marriage, will you continue to encourage and support Estee in every way? Will you embrace her with your love and accept her love in return? Will you commit yourselves to work together with her in forming your new family? If so, say, “I do.”

Estee, will you encourage and support the marriage of Sylvia and Van? Will you embrace the love they are eager to share with you, and will you return that love to them? Will you commit yourself to work together with them in forming your new family? If so, say, “I do.”

[Sylvia and Van:] As a symbol of our love for you and our commitment with you to be joined together as a family, we present you with this bracelet.

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