The Man Who Missed His Own Funeral

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Sermon in a Sentence: Enoch pictures what will happen to all believers who live to see the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I. Enoch Pictures the People of the Rapture (v.22,24)

Enoch walked with God

        • A. He Fellowshpped with God. (Amos 3.3)
        • B. He Testified for God (Jude 14,15)

II. Enoch Pictures the Event of the Rapture (v.24;Heb. 11.5)

/he was not for God took him"

          • A. He was Transferred from Earth to Heaven
          • B. He was Transformed from Mortality to Immortality.
                    • 1. He was Changed Physically (Phil. 3.20,21)
                    • 2. He was Changed Spiritually

III. Enoch Pictures the Time of the Rapture (v.22;Heb. 11.5)

after he begat Methuelah

              • A. Enoch Anticipated the Wrath of God.
              • B. Enoch Escaped the Wrath of God (1 Thess. 5.9)
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