Every Knee Shall Bow and Every Tongue Confess

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Every Knee Show Bow and Every Tongue Confess

Isa 45:22,23 / Rev 20:11-15.

The Ress. Of the Saints has taken place. We, who are the children of God, redeemed by His Blood, have already stood before Christ & received our reward.

But, then we see one more judgment – a WHITE THRONE  JGMNT.  A JGMT where there is only one class of people – LOST

I.                     WHO?:

a.        Is giving the JGMT – Jn 5.22, 23.

b.       Receiving JGMT – Rev 21. 6-8.

                                                               i.      The place where the damned will be judged – at the gates.

                                                              ii.      The condition of the damned. 

II.                   WHAT?:

a.        Every Rapper will kneel.

                                                               i.      Why put metal in your mouth? GAY?

                                                              ii.      Why wear your pants around your ankles? GAY?

b.       Every Hellwood actor will kneel.

c.        Every pro sport player will kneel. ATL Vick Prov 12.10

d.       Every Escalade lusting fool will kneel! Eccl 2.7-11.

III.                 WHY?:  Because you haven’t repented of your SIN, the SIN of unbelief.  Rev 21.8.  Jn 11 (Remember: Jesus was angry at their unbelief in who he was).

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