Notes Upward

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Notes Upward


The call of God is an upward call it must be upward from glory to glory. 

That I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me. 

In our preaching the father heart of God we have brought you down to make you like us, like the fathers we may never have had but we have centered our focus on ourselves have made you fit in for our own comfort. 

We preach a human, me centered gospel everything about our preaching our beliefs our Christianity is what you will do for us God I want to know how I am to serve you for your glory and names sake. 

We must know the enormity of sin and the Glory of holiness for we live a sort of second-hand holiness. 

The highway of holiness the narrow path.  Taking up our cross daily and dying to self so we have the scripture on the one hand and on the other we have a gospel of me. 

Purpose of house of prayer and lying signs and wonders deceiving and being deceived. 

If Jesus is my lord why do I not live under his Lordship.  Has reign and rule. 

I was reminded this morning when thinking about Todd Bentley and the angel Emma of Friar Grant and that couple in white witchcraft the deception.  There are no female angels. 


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