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     In these Vs the Lord is teaching us to be baptized.

     I. The definition of “Baptism” is “Immersion, or Submission

              A. MARK 1:1-11

                        1. Notice V 5Confessing Sins

                        2. This is an example of Christian Baptism.

                                  a. This is what is practiced in the N. T.

                                  b. Also this is how the Apostles were baptized (meaning from John being a N. T. baptism)

                                           i. Apostles were never re-baptized, as far as we know.

              B. Notice V 10-11

                        1. This is the 1st time that God said “I am well pleasedspeaking of Jesus.

                                  a. It came after he was baptized.

                                  b. As we show this commitment to be baptized, God will say the same of us.

     II. Why be Baptized?

              A. ROM 6:3-4 & COL 2:12 (Commitment, Eastern way See Strong Greek # 908 in Logos Bible system)

     III. Does Baptism Save?

              A. MARK 16:16

                        1. Another Baptism (in Christ)  (16b)

              B. ROM 10:9 (Salvation in Jesus).

                        1. Other scriptures:

                                  a. ACTS 2:41; 10:46-48; 16:25-34

     IV. Who can be baptized?

              A. ACTS 8:26-39

WOLCC Thursday PM 10/29/92

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