Christmas 6 (not done)

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     Today and tomorrow we are celebrating Christmas. If it wasn’t for the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ there would be no Christmas. Sometimes you see those buttons that say, “Jesus is the reason for the season.” He truly is, but in our day and age we see people taking Jesus out of Christmas.

     We hear people say. “Season Greetings,” Or “Happy Holidays.” I know why they do it, they don’t want to offend anyone or they are referring to New years as well as Christmas. Sometimes we see the word “Xmas” written instead of Christmas, taking Christ out of Christmas.

     I. All of these things have taken Christ out of Christmas. I’ve even heard of some schools that were not allowed to sing Christmas songs.

              A. Jesus is the reason for the season, and wise men still seek Him.

                        1. Whenever someone says, “Season Greetings” to me, I always try to respond with “Merry Christmas.”

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