Names of God # 5

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     We’re going to continue teaching on the Names of God. In the OT we have many different name for our God, each of these names give a different description of God. Each of them reveal something else about God’s character. So far we looked at the name “El,” “Elohim,” “El Shaddai, “ADONAI,” and

     I. Today I want to go into the Compound names for JEHOVAH, which we have many in the Word, but I’m just going to take the 6 or 7 most common.

              A. The name that I want to look at is the name “JEHOVAH JIREH.”

                        1. Before we go on looking at JEHOVAH JIREH, I just want to take a minute looking at the name JEHOVAH.

                                  a. Most of the time when we come across the word “LORD” in the OT, it’s the Hebrew word JEHOVAH.

                                  b. But the word JEHOVAH was used by the Jews, but that was not the real word that was used by God.

                                           i. God would reveal Himself as “Yahweh,” but the Jews felt that the name Yahweh was to holy to speak or write, so they would use the name “Adonai” later they came to use the name “Jehovah.”

                                           ii. Jehovah is a combination of the vowels of the Hebrew word “Adonai” and the consonants of “Yahweh.” (In the Hebrew, of course)

                        2. Now the word “Jehovah” means “The Ever Existing One” but He is also the 1 who reveals His ways.

                                  a. Look at ISA 48:

                                           i. In (V 1 and 2) It says that it is the Lord that is doing the talking. (Jehovah or Yahweh)

                                           ii. Look at V 3a


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